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Abandoned 2020

Abandoned 2020

Welcome to our annual round-up of web design trends. From retro typography to the ever-growing no code movement, there’s a lot to look forward to in 2023.

2020 through 2022 wasn’t easy. With its gallons of hand sanitizer, awkward Zoom meetings, and the looming anxiety of uncertainty, we’re all feeling a bit frazzled. Despite the circumstances, we all did our best to move forward through it all. Many of us took the time to learn new design skills. And some of us just made sourdough bread. We all have our coping skills. 

When it came to design, we kept an eye on the never ending trends on the web. After talking to the Brand Studio team at EVOLVE, and a handful of other designers, we put together a comprehensive list of some of the web design trends we expect to see well into 2023. We hope this list not only inspires you, but makes you approach the web in a more inclusive and accessible way.

Modern web design trends for 2023

Web design trends that will also help make 2023 a bit brighter. 

Retro fonts

We’ve seen many old things become cool again, and then in turn become even more uncool. Think handlebar mustaches and mom jeans. Irony has a short shelf life.

Retro fonts have experienced this same ebb and flow in their popularity, and many designs featuring vintage typography haven’t aged well.

However, throwback typography has gone through a bit of a resurgence. We’re not seeing the same tired fonts. Rather, stylization and a bit of artistry are reimagining what retro fonts can be. 

We see this merging of old and new on the page for Spotify’s Carnival promotion. Instead of feeling stale and cliche, they breathe new life into traditional bold fonts with a bit of experimentation. This is a good example of taking traditional fonts and giving them a bit of a cool and modern spin, while maintaining legibility.

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