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Design is my passion, but stories are effervescent and thus should be as spontaneous as possible. Its capturing our life in real-time from a party we attended to a flower we came across, as compared to old-school posts that are more r̶e̶t̶r̶o̶s̶p̶e̶c̶t̶i̶v̶e̶ throwback in nature.

Southern hospitality Stay & Play
Branding, Contemporary / R & B, Vocal Recording Just James
Melodic Rap, Vocal Recording Rich Hottie
Blues, Graphic Design, Music Production Jeff Chaz
Give a Hand
Audio Mastering, Branding, Jazz Cass & Geez
Hip-Hop / Rap, Recording Studio Malikai
Country, DPK, Rehearsal Space, Vocal Recording Gabbie Haze
Branding Branding
Logo Design Logo Design
Uncategorized STEELE
Audio Mastering, Graphic Design, Hip-Hop / Rap Speedy
Web Design, Web Development, Websites Web Design
Audio Mastering, Music Production, Recording Studio Yedi
Web Design City Tour
Websites Colors of Nature
Web Design Auto Showroom
Web Design Abandoned
Web Design Let’s Play
True Love
Web Design True Love
Web Design New Family
Websites Mountains
Websites Fall In Love
Websites Happy Brides
Uncategorized Tess

Nice to meet you, friend! My name is Lisa. I’m a professional Web Developer from New Orleans, LA and originally from NYC, If you have any questions, suggestions or you just want to book a session feel free to use the contact form below. Lets make something great together!

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